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At DPC  S.A., we study and analyse your SWOT and provide tailor made solutions from the design to the execution stage. An intense focus on quality and schedule, two of the most important pieces in the market today, is at the core of everything we do.


Telecommunications Engineering and IT

DPC S.A. provides telecommunications, network & information technology  to both private firms and governmental institutions. We support the client’s architectural needs by designing and implementing state-of-the-art technology solutions and personnel to provide ongoing support.

Complex Security Systems

IP Video Surveillance, Access Control, Camera Analytics and Mass Notification Systems are some of the complex security solutions we offer. We design, install and service all types of security systems.  We also install card or fingerprint access systems used to control entry into specific parts of buildings. Each system is tailored towards the customers needs, ensuring safety during emergencies. We offer multiple products from various vendors ensuring the right solution.

Information Security

As an international IT security services provider, DPC S.A. offers a complete range of cybersecurity solutions: from analysis of security issues to development of information security management systems, from cyber security monitoring to the implementation of real-time security intelligence, and support of complex information security systems. We provide all-around protection of sensitive data, optimize risk management programs, and ensure business continuity for large enterprises.

Top-tier Design and construction services

DPC's preconstruction and construction processes are designed to save time and money for our clients while producing the best results possible. Our team is creative, flexible and ready to assist at every stage-from design through project completion. We take an individual, personalized approach to everything that we do, and we provide top-notch customer service from start to finish. Our portfolio includes multiple fast-track projects from conventional residential buildings to complex commercial or government's edifices.

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